Roulette Tips

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to predict which number will come up in roulette. Unfortunately, to do so you need to set up the roulette table in a laboratory, with a host of high-speed cameras and motion sensors tracking the speed and direction of the ball in flight and the speed and position of the spinning wheel, with a supercomputer to crunch all the numbers, factoring in friction, rebound angles and air resistance.

For roulette fans playing in the real world, the chaotic combination of moving ball and spinning wheel is as close to random as it gets. The outcome is pure chance, making roulette their game of choice when their luck is running. But there is no sense leaving everything to chance. A few common sense roulette tips can turn a hot streak of luck into serious wins. Whether you play in real-world casinos or online casino, here are three simple roulette tips to help you get more out of the game:

Play European Roulette

With only one green 0 slot, as opposed to the 0 and 00 of American roulette, European roulette (also called French roulette) offers slightly better odds on any specific number coming up, as well as the even-money bets. Odds against a player with a bet on a single number in European roulette are 36-1, whereas they are 37-1 in the American version, with odds similarly tilted in the house’s favour on all the other bets. This disadvantage of American roulette is so obvious that some lists of roulette tips leave it out, but it’s something novices need to understand straight away.

Play European Roulette

Bet Using a System

Maybe Lady Luck is indeed smiling on you. Why make her work harder than she needs to; is that any way to treat a lady? Common-sense roulette tips use basic mathematics: 36-1 odds are worse than 6-5 odds, for example. If you’re staking, say, 20 chips on each spin of the wheel at iPad casino, why risk them all on a single number for one chance in 37 of winning 700 chips? It makes more sense to split the 20 chips into five stacks of four and place them on five separate 6-line bets, giving you five chances out of six for a win of five times your bet.

If you win, the original bet is returned too, totalling 24 chips; which you then split into two 12-chip bets covering two of the three dozens bets, and so on. No system is fool-proof, but a properly researched and practised betting system lowers the odds consistently, producing wins more often.

Set Limits and Stick to Them

Don’t mix betting systems: if you’re using a simple doubling-up system like the Martingale, stick to it as long as your bankroll holds out. If you’re playing a more complex system and you hit a loss, don’t double up your next bet; return to your original stake and play the system again. “Playing with the casino’s money” is another good strategy: if you hit a run of luck early, remove your original stake from the table and play on betting only what’s left.

Win or lose, you’ll at least break even. If you do keep winning, “banking” the equivalent of your original stake in your back pocket whenever you can afford to is also a great habit. Use these three roulette tips every time you play, and you’ll extend your casino entertainment while risking less money.

Jonas Ulseth