Free Slot Machines

Charles Fey invented the first slots game in the late 1800’s and his famed Liberty Bell went on to the prototype for all slots games that followed.

The original slot machines date back to 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, by Sittman and Pitt. These machines were mechanical in nature, and used drums containing up to 50 cards at a time, and the system itself was based on poker. Players would insert a nickel and pull a lever, and the machine would roll. Players would hope to land a good poker hand, in which doing so would reward the player with whatever kind of prizes the local establishment would offer.

These machines evolved as time went by, becoming more advanced until the modern casino era came into being. These machines were electronic in nature, and used random number generator software to determine an outcome. The general system remained the same, however, with a level being pulled and a random set of cards or symbols being displayed, with certain combinations promising rewards. In modern times, with the invention and widespread use of the Internet, online slot games have become easier and more accessible than ever.

Today, players can find all manner of online slot games, with many of them being free slot machines. These games give players the opportunity to test out slots for free, without incurring any risk.  Many of the free slot machines games that can be played online are instant play, meaning that there is no download required.

Free Slot Machines Entertainment Online

An abundance of companies design and develop free slot machines online, with many of them being reputable and consistently providing popular games. Players searching for free slot machines can use these companies – and their many different games – to find what they’re looking for. A few examples of well-known companies that lead the industry can be found below.

The first on the list is Playtech. Playtech was founded in 1999 and provides software and development for a range of online casinos. Being one of the oldest online casino companies, they have a vast array of games on offer, many of them being widely known and played to this day.

Free Slot Machines Entertainment

Betsoft Gaming is a Tier One online and mobile casino game developer. With their own game engines that they developed, they have strived to make casino gaming more advanced in our modern age. They offer 3D online platforms for computer-use, as well as a collection of mobile games.

Microgaming is viewed as the oldest company in the industry, and have been recognised as creating the first online casino game in 1994. Developing online games for a variety of casinos across the Internet, Microgaming is still a leader in the market with over 800 online games developed and being played today. You can try out slots from this developer at

Popular Examples of Free Slot Machines

There is no shortage of choice for players when it comes to free slot machines found online. Players can find and play anything from standalone games to entire series offering free play and demos.

One Series that has gained massive popularity is the Zeus series. The series offers Zeus, Zeus II, and Zeus III. Each one of these games offers free play; giving players a set amount of free coins to practise and see what the game has to offer. Another well-known online slots game is Zuma, which is based on a puzzle game of the same name.

Players are given free reign to play and experience the gameplay and bonus features the game has to offer before having to deposit any money.

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