League of Legends, or LoL, is an eSports game that proudly boasts the largest community on the World Wide Web. The number of players becoming active in League of Legends each day is truly extraordinary, and, as a result, the amounts of viewers, who take part by means of live streams, is also steadily growing, as is the concept of, and availability for, LoL eSports betting.

Riot Games decided to launch their own profession League of Legends eSports league in 2011, known as the LCS, and the very best teams from Europe; the United States of America; and Asia all take part. As of 2016, this community is at its largest, and there are millions of people streaming in to enjoy the biggest tournaments like the League of Legends All Stars, and the League of Legends World Championship.

The popularity of the pro League of Legends leagues is a driving force behind the boom in LoL eSports betting events as well, and the exceptional success of League of Legends is also thanks to the incredible support Riot Games extends to its players; the high quality and quantity of the free live-stream broadcasts it provides; and the intrinsic tactical variety of the game, not to mention the steady stream of updates that this company provides.

Traditional Sportsbooks Enter the LoL Fray

League of Legends has been the leading game of its type for quite a while now, and this is the reason that bookmakers are making betting sites options available on the vast majority of worldwide League of Legends leagues and tournaments.

All LoL eSports betting bookmakers will make win bet, or match bets, available, and this is the wager that most punters will already have a good amount of familiarity with, thanks to its predominance in the world of traditional sports betting. As well as win bets, for many matches, especially those in the LCS, odds on special League of Legends game achievements are offered, with these options including Baron Nashor; Pentakill; and First Blood. This makes the process of LoL eSports betting a far more interesting one, as does the fact that there are also handicap wagers provided during the playoffs, with these being played in BO3 or BO5 formats, or best of three/five.

Reviews for LoL eSports Betting Sites

At the moment there are a number of online sportsbooks that offer real money eSports betting odds for LoL tournaments and leagues that hold valid licenses for this kind of service, but prospective punters must do all they can to ensure that they stick to these. There are, unfortunately, sites that claim to offer these products without the necessary certifications in place that allow them to do so legitimately, and this can put punters’ identities and sensitive information at risk. The best advice for punters interested in LoL eSports betting is that they make use of a comparison site to find a place to lay their wagers, and stick to the recommendations made by the experts in the employ of these.

Jonas Ulseth