Before start discussing the online lottery and the gaming guidelines, we must let our beginner readers about the main difference between online gambling such as casino games, bingo, poker etc with the online lotteries. The latter is run by the governments while the other casino games have the authority to run by private organizations and individuals.

Previously, though, the private companies and individuals had the authorization to run the online lotteries but within a few years the law has been drastically amended to make the game more secured for the players. Therefore, if you are new to try your luck in the online lottery, you don’t have to worry unless and until you are sticking to the official or any state-licensed website much like real money slots sites.

If you are following the path of using a proxy site that will represent you during the game, make sure that the government will have no liability of securing your funds for the third-party website that is using your name and funds. Still if you want to opt with this option, better you find out a third party that is in business for years with a great feedback from clients and above all agrees to show you the scanned copy of the tickets that they have bought with your name on it.

The Online Lottery Guide

  • The online lottery websites are not individual entities. All you need to do is to buy tickets from popular lottery games online such as from Powerball, Lotto, and so on. For your information, you will be able to take the advantage of the massive jackpots and prizes for which the live lotteries have become so popular among players.
  • Don’t mess up with the rules and regulations of all countries. Each country has its own set of online lottery regulations that include the law, banking methods, game selection, prizes etc. Though the game selection will differ from site to site. If you are not convinced and don’t want to obey the regulations, better you can rely on the innumerable third party websites that can give you the access to buy tickets from across the world but only via their local offices.
  • The companies, through which you are buying the tickets, actually work as a mediator between the government and you. The sole power of the lottery remains in the hands of the government. That’s why there is nothing to worry about the security of the prizes and the jackpot that you are playing for.
  • For your information, all the official government lottery websites are 100% safe to access. But you must be informed with one major drawback of the online lotteries- the player has to be present there in the country that is hosting the game when funding their account. If they fail to follow the rule property the tickets will be null and void and they will not be able to claim any prize money. In such cases, the proxy sites help by claiming to send the prize money if the ticket owners win the game.

Follow these guidelines, and enjoy a safe online lottery playing.

Jonas Ulseth