Keeping Online Sports Betting Legal

Although brick-and-mortar bookmakers would never in a million years offer punters a free bet as a welcome bonus for gracing them with their business, online sportsbooks are more than happy to do so. Punters can take advantage of online sports betting legal facilities and make use of welcome bonuses; those that reward them for successfully referring a friend, and many other types of special offers that online sports books make use of in order to stand out of the crowd.

There are numerous advantages to punters placing their sports bets by means of online facilities rather than those based on land, but care should be taking to ensure that online sports betting legal structures are being followed by bookmakers operating on the World Wide Web. The first task of the prospective punter is to investigate whether or not the bookmaker is a licensed one, and so ensure that he or she is only laying wagers with operations that have been certified to legally allow for betting, and that these are also regulated in full.

The Matter of Licensing and Certification

Sports online betting NZ legal limits require bookmakers to hold licenses for the services they provide, and the governments of Gibraltar; Curacao; Panama and the Internet gambling regulatory body governing the Mohawk Territory situated in Kahnawake, Canada are all above-board providers of these. This is without a doubt the first step a punter should take when investigating online sports betting legal parameters, and although other factors need to be taken into account, ensuring that a bookmaker is lawful; regulated and trustworthy is the most important part of the process.

Availability of Competitive Sides; Totals and Lines

The next item to be crossed off the online sports betting legal confines list is only slightly less important than the first one: lines; sides and totals that are ready for action are a must-have for any site that advertises itself as a trustworthy; legitimate; honest bet-provider.

For example, if land-based Australian betting sites providers and a number of online bookmakers have assigned Team A as a 3.5 favourite, and the bookmaker the punter is reviewing will not go a smidgen past 3, it is time to move on down the line. That one half point may well end up being the difference between a win and a push, and if a punter’s bookmaker is unfailingly offering money lines; parlay payouts; teaser payouts; and side; line and total figures which are not competitive when compared with the wide array of those which other bookmakers are making available then it is very likely that it is not a legitimate sportsbook at all.

Everybody has their preferred sports and bets, but punters will agree that access to a good range of bet options is vital. There are times when their favourite games are not available, or an especially juicy tip is received which renders an unfamiliar market a suddenly attractive one, and ensuring that the bookmaker the punter is signed up with has an array of markets available will guarantee that no winning bet goes unpaid. Sportsbooks which allow punters to make their selection from a broad range of both minor and major sporting events will allow for interesting wagers to be experimented with, for whatever reason, and punters are even able to lawfully enjoy entertainment wagers; political flutters; and reality television stakes at a single sportsbook if they wish to broaden their betting field at any point in time.

Jonas Ulseth