Designed for smartphones and tablets, casino mobile games include slots, table games, card games, and speciality games. They can be downloaded or played in browser.

The games made by reputable, licensed software developers produce fair results using a certified random number generator, and many of them include special features, as well as optional in-play features.

Most developers have focussed on developing mobile versions of the casino industry’s most popular games, although some have also paid attention to less well-known games.

Casino Mobile Slots

There are three main types of casino mobile slots. Those are classic slots, progressive slots, and video slots.

Classic slots usually have three or five reels with symbols inspired by traditional slot machines. The most basic of them have only one payline, while others have several paylines, which may or may not be fixed.

Progressive slots are more advanced than classic slots. They also have either three or five reels, and often include themed symbols as well as special bonus symbols.

What gives progressive slots their name are progressive jackpots. Each game starts out with a minimum jackpot amount that does not remain static. Instead, it gets bigger every time real money bets are played on them.

Canadian online slots most commonly have three or five reels, although most developers favour the latter. They incorporate special features similar to those found in video games such as bonus rounds and animated clips, and features such as Wild and Scatter symbols.

Casino Mobile Table and Other Games

Most software developers focused on the staples of the pits, namely baccarat, blackjack, poker, and roulette, when developing casino mobile table games. Some have also produced mobile versions of games such as craps and keno.

Baccarat is a two-player card game in which the player can bet on one of three possible results; the Player’s hand to win, the Banker’s hand to win, or the two hands to tie.

Blackjack is also a two-player card game. The player wins if their hand is of a higher total’s than the dealer’s, and it is worth as close to 21 points as possible.

Most casino mobile poker games are a style known as video poker, which combines three-card poker with slots-style gameplay.

Roulette is a game played with a betting table and wheel. The wheel has coloured and numbered pockets, and the player needs to guess which of those pockets will be the one in which a small ball will land.

Diversity of Playing Options

The playing options of casino mobile games allows for a certain amount of flexibility.

Downloadable playing options are usually limited to apps for Android and iOS devices. Such apps tend to include a somewhat larger range of games than is available in no download format, as well as streamlined access to casino services such as banking, player support, and promotions.

Instant-play games that do not require an app download can be accessed by Android and iOS devices, as well as BlackBerry and Windows devices. It is essential that devices have an active Internet connection and available data.

Free casino mobile games are trial or practice versions of games. No money is paid out if practice games are won.

Real money must be deposited into a mobile casino account if slots, table games, and other games are to be played for real money jackpots.

Jonas Ulseth