The Euro Lottery is one of Europe’s big lotteries. It is available in most of the European countries, namely Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden and the United Kingdom.

This lottery can be played online. This can be done through a registered online site, and the advantage of being able to play these games from home is many. There is an increased level of security, as your ticket will not be lost or mislaid. Your ticket will be stored securely in your personal account, and cannot be lost or stolen.

Your numbers will be checked automatically, and you will receive an email alert for any winning number combinations. This means that the player will not miss out on any wins by forgetting to check the numbers.

Rules and Guidelines

The rules for playing Euro Lottery are not complicated but it makes sense for every player to understand them fully in order to play responsibly and confidently like the fans of keno at As will all lotteries, all players must be 18 years old in most European countries. The only exception to this rule is within the United Kingdom, where players can be 16 years old or older. There are some countries that have a 21 year old limit on players. Prizes can be claimed only in the country where the winning ticket was originally purchased. If the player has bought a ticket online, from an authorized concierge service, the prize must be collected via the service rather than from the lottery operator. Euro Lottery winnings must be claimed within the number of days relevant to the draw date, and this will differ between participating countries. Prizes that are unclaimed are rendered void. In the United Kingdom unclaimed prizes are donated to the National Lottery Good Causes Fund.

Choosing the Numbers

Players have to select five main numbers between 1 and 50. Then players select two additional numbers, called Lucky Star numbers, between 1 and 11. All ticket sales are closed on the day of the relevant draw at 20.30.

The more numbers that are correctly guessed the more money can be won. Only two numbers can win a prize, but all five numbers, plus the two Lucky Stars numbers must be correct to win the main jackpot.

There is also the possibility of selecting to play a QuickPick. This allows the player to randomly generate numbers for an entire row of bets. The player can generate new numbers by clicking the QuickPick All button. This option does not however add any bonus balls to the bets.

The Roll-Over

Like most jackpots, the Euro Lottery has a roll over clause. This means that in the case of the jackpot not being won for a certain number of draws, the winner of the next jackpot will be paid out the accumulative amount.

It is wise to make sure that all the entries are clearly marked and legible. Illegible entered lines or tickets will not be accepted for any prize.

Euro Lottery draws are held every Tuesday and Friday night. The possession of a winning ticket is considered the legal right to a prize. Purchasers of tickets should perhaps sign the back of the ticket to prove ownership.

Jonas Ulseth