Microgaming has quite the proven track record when it comes to designing slots which are both compelling and attractive to new players and veteran players alike. The question many players might be asking is how the company will deal with designing another type of classic slot game. With Premier Roulette, Microgaming have done just that, and the results are outlined below so players can get an idea of the type of experience they will have when playing this classic game in the digital space.

The art style presented in Premier Roulette is a realistic style that does its very best to mimic playing roulette at a real life brick and mortar casino. At the top of the screen towards the middle, the player can see a roulette table that is rich in detail. From wooden inlays to the golden accents and a realistic reflection on all of the shiny surfaces, Microgaming has done their part in the graphics department.

Players may also find it interesting that they can actually change the colours and details of the roulette table by pushing the change table button located to the left of the wheel. This adds a bit of customisation to each player’s experience and really helps to give the game a unique and interesting look. Some players may even feel that certain table colours give them better luck or a better gaming experience, but that is up for the individual player to decide. It’s worth noting that as the roulette wheel changes, so does the colour of the better table.

Premier Roulette Gameplay

Below the wheel, the player will see the betting table. This table is set out in the same way that a player would see a betting table set out at a real life brick and mortar casino. On the left, the player can see les orphelins, tiers du cylinder, voisins du zero, red splits and black splits surrounded by all of the different numbers on the roulette wheel. This is known as the racetrack.

At the bottom of the table, the player can see .25, .50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 denomination chips which they can place on certain bets. To the right of this is the undo, redo, clear double, expert and play buttons. Above to the right, the player can see their bet, win, history, sin cover percentage and statistics.

For simple bets, the player needs to select a chip denomination that they would like to use and put in on the position on the table which they would like to bet on. More complex bets can be placed on the aforementioned racetrack. This is where a player would place bets which relate to other positions on the wheel.

Premier Roulette Expert Mode

If the player is confident in their roulette abilities playing online pokies New Zealand, they can opt in to the expert mode by clicking the expert button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will allow the player to place the most complex bets available.

This will activate the call bets button and allow the player to make complex bets such as the snake bet.

Jonas Ulseth