Jour de L’Amour is an online slots game created by developing company Viadin Gaming. The name of the game, Jour de L’Amour, means ‘day of love’ and is the first clue as to the theme of this online slot, which of course, is romance. Jour de L’Amour is set in the city of Paris. This city has long been known as the city of love so it is a fitting city to use when designing a game around the theme of love.

The twist in Jour de L’Amour is that it is not humans who are falling in love but instead cats. The background is of a Paris skyline, and you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The whole scene is coloured in a pastel pink hue suitable for the romantically inspired game. The symbols are of cats, or of gifts. The objective of the game is to collect as many gifts as possible in so as to court your suitor. You need to watch out for other suitors, however, because they may steal these ‘gifts’ you collect. There is an accordion based tune that plays during the game, adding to the romantic motif.

Gameplay and Symbols Used in Jour de L’Amour

Jour de L’Amour has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The player can choose how many paylines they wish to activate for a spin. The betting amount ranges from 20c to 2 Euro per line. This means that the maximum bet per spin will be 50 Euro.

A real money slots for Android winning combination is when 2 or more identical symbols are lined up next to each other on an active payline. Regular symbols include romantic gifts, such as gift boxes, champagne, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. There are also a number of special symbols in Jour de L’Amour.

The wild symbol is of two black cats sitting next to each other looking at the moon. This symbol can replace all the regular symbols to help form winning combinations. The jackpot is won when 5 wild symbols appear on an active payline.  The scatter symbol is a cupid. If 3 or more scatter symbols land on a payline you will receive a number of free spins. The number of free spins is determined by the number of scatter symbols: 3 scatter symbols gives you 3 free spins, 4 will give you 5 free spins and 5 will give you 10 free spins.

Bonus Games in Jour de L’Amour

Jour de L’Amour has three bonus games. They are activated when 3 cat symbols with the word bonus land on the reels. In the first bonus, the Goldfish Present, you will have to catch a goldfish to present to your beau. During the Great Mouser Bonus you have to catch a mouse to charm your beau and in the Catch a Bird Bonus you must catch birds to present to your beloved.

These bonus games in Jour de L’Amour are all similar in objective: you will need to ‘find’ the different symbols. Each time you ‘catch’ one of the birds, mice or goldfish you will be rewarded.

Jonas Ulseth