The Australian Football League (AFL) was first played on open fields and the goals were often trees.  AFL was known as “footy” during the 1850s and was later renamed Victorian Rules when it found its way to the other states during the 1870s.  When the Australasian Football Council was formed in the 20th century it also became the governing body and then included New Zealand.  At that time its official name was the Australasian Game of Football and was later renamed Australian Football.

The AFL has 18 teams which are spread across the states of Australia.  The AFL season begins with a pre-season competition known as the JLT Community Series which is then followed by 23 rounds of home and away games and this runs from March to September.  A 4 round finals series then follows and then the AFL Grand Final which is always held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Betting Tips

Because there are so many games in the AFL it is a good idea not to bet on too many games.  There are 176 games in the AFL season, that is 8 games each week.  It is better to rather bet on the games of value, rather than randomly betting on too many games.  Patience is the key to successful AFL betting.

Looking at the stats of the various games will also help bettors when placing a bet.  Often teams will have teams that they always perform well against and some teams will have opponents they struggle with.  Keeping up with these trends can offer great benefits to bettors in order to action the best betting odds.  The form of the team is also a factor to consider.  There are often teams that are on a winning streak which means their morale is high and usually means the team will perform well.  Watching out for injuries on the team is also helpful.

The venue of a game is important.  Because Australia is such a vast country travelling interstate is usually not easy for teams.  The interstate teams are usually at an advantage as they will have a fan base made of their supporters at the game to support them.

Types of AFL Bets

The most popular bets on the AFL is a head to head bet.  This is a simple bet where bettors predict who will win.  Knowing the teams and the how the AFL works can be a great benefit with a good payout.  There are also future bets and these are very popular and include bets like who will be the team coach.  These bets can also run for the duration of the season and bettors can make bets on who will win awards such as the NAB Rising Star or Coleman Medal.  Line betting is like a grading system or handicap.  The aim of these bets is to place the teams on a level playing field which gives the bettor a chance to place a wager on even matches.  Margin betting is placing a bet on if a team will win more or less than a certain margin which is usually 39.5 points.

Exotic bets are popular wagers and an example of one is a multi-leg bet where bettors can bet on more than one game.  The multi-leg bets have great odds and good payouts.  Other examples of exotic bets are who will be the first player to score a goal or the result after each quarter.

The AFL is an exciting sport to bet on and having some knowledge of the games and how the series works will be a great advantage to placing a suitable wager.

Jonas Ulseth