The Paddy Power App

Punters who enjoying betting whilst on the go are now able to do so safely and securely by means of the Paddy Power app. This application has been formatted for iPhone; Windows; Android and Blackberry devices, and there is a free bet provided to those who decide to take advantage of the services this company provides in this manner.

This company is by far one of the biggest betting names in the industry, and the arrival of the Paddy Power app has made many a punter’s life a lot easier.

It provides for wagering on multiple markets, and punters can rest easy that their favourite sporting or other betting event is never further away than their smartphone or tablet happens to be.

Acquiring the Paddy Power App

Obtaining the Paddy Power app is a very simple process and is very easy to execute. Punters interested in acquiring it need to navigate to the company’s website, and iOS device owners will be able to find it in iTunes’ App Store.

Although there is no application available for Windows or Blackberry handsets specifically, the web-based one works perfectly on both smartphones. Its responsive design will have it shrinking and fitting to the size of the device’s screen, and operations will run smoothly whenever it is used.

This company’s commitment to providing their punters with the definitive gambling experience is one of the reasons they are held as pioneers of the gambling industry, especially since this fact is supported by the incredible service and hard-to-beat value they provide.

Punters caught out on the town when their race or match comes up no longer have to worry about losing out on a sure thing, since full support is provided for the each of the handsets most commonly in use today. The Paddy Power app even allows for live streaming, so if a television set or computer isn’t available, no harm done.

Not only is the cashout option totally supported, but live online betting NZ game options are also on offer by means of it, as are roulette games with living, breathing croupiers against which punters’ wits can be matched.

Paddy Power App Live Streaming

One of the best features of the Paddy Power app is that it offers live streaming for horse races. The At the Races area of the application is the means by which punters can enjoy watching the racing action unfold as it does in real time, by means of their smartphone or tablet device, as long as they have a wager riding on its outcome.

The fact of the matter is that it is not just the live streaming of horse racing in which the Paddy Power app excels: it also offers punters an incredibly simple, straightforward method by which they are able to lay wagers on a massive array of sporting markets from wherever they happen to be.

The app’s presentation and overall layout is also an incredibly impressive one: punters are able to very easily scroll through the betting markets available for each of the different sports, and there is a Top 10 Bets area in which they are able to view a list of which markets are the most popular at any point in time.

The most competitive available odds for these markets are also provided, as well as a tab which makes live betting options available to punters interested in these.

Jonas Ulseth