Lottery games have been around for hundreds of years, with the first cash prize draws originating in 16th-centuty Florence. Land-based games are still very popular today, but now it’s also possible to play online, from any desktop or mobile device. For players who want to learn more about choosing their winning Lottery numbers in the digital arena, the guidelines below should prove very helpful.

Online Lottery Advantages

There are many more Lottery options to choose from when playing online, and most sites have a good selection of side games such as Bingo, Blackjack and Slots as well, to add more entertainment. Players are more rewarded with Bonuses in the digital arena too, in order to keep them from being tempted by competing sites. Online resources also extend to chatrooms and websites that offer strategy advice, and players can apply what they learn as they go along.

For very busy people, it’s even possible to set up a subscription when playing online. A set of numbers is chosen and then entered for every draw within a certain game and timeframe. Winning Lottery numbers are just as statistically likely to come up this way as if new digits are chosen for every draw, and the automated system will never forget to enter.

Online Lottery Game Types

The main type of Lottery game involves drawing a set of winning Lottery numbers from a designated pool at bet365 NZ. Before the draw players can buy tickets and select the numbers they’ll be using themselves, or have it done automatically using a Quick Pick system. Depending on the game, draws can take place daily, weekly or even more than once a day. Once the winning set has been drawn, every bought ticket’s numbers are compared to them. Players are paid out according to how many of their digits correspond to those that were drawn, with a full matching set awarding the most, and according to how many other winning tickets there were.

Besides the main draws of today, several other Lottery-type games are also held by Commissions across the world. These include Scratch Cards, a very early type of Lottery that offers an instant play option and relatively good odds. Players usually stand at least a 1:5 chance of winning something with these games, so if they buy 5 tickets they should paid something out. Some of these Scratch Card games even grant entrance onto gameshows sponsored by Lottery Commissions. Offshoots of the main draws are common as well, such as raffles that award certain set amounts.

Online Lottery Decisions

With so many available options, online players should do some serious research before deciding where to play their winning Lottery numbers. Review sites and online forums should give a good idea of what different sites offer, so that the list of prospects can be narrowed down. When they’ve identified the games and websites that seem most interesting and suitable for them, players can check them out first-hand. The full range of Lottery offerings, side games and bonuses should be carefully considered before any tickets are bought.

Jonas Ulseth