Street Fighter 2, created by IGT Games, is an online slot game. The title is, of course, better known as being the arcade fighter classic video game, famous for taking the world by storm with its combo system that was absolutely mind blowing at the time.

The slot game version of Street Fighter 2 shares many similarities with the arcade game in terms of theme, but certainly shouldn’t be mistaken for being the same thing. In terms of graphics the slot game falls short by many levels, and it is more then a touch disappointing that each character has a grand total of two frames of animation.

A lot of effort has clearly gone into the game however, and although it will not impress any gamers, there is an excellent slot game experience below the surface. In terms of game play Street fighter 2 uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system, with player allowed to manually select the betting lines they would like. There is also a number of special features and bonus options, one even involving putting two of the iconic fighters against one another in a simple fighting mini-game.

Symbol Designs

All the iconic Street Fighter 2 characters appear in the slot game version, including Ryu, Guile, Chun Li, Ken, and Sagat, At the start of each round the player may even select which character they would prefer to represent them on the left of the play area. This also effects the appearance of certain symbol on the reels, although it does not effect game play other then in a cosmetic sense.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the claw used by legendary Street Fighter 2 bad guy Vega. Matching the symbol with itself five times is an enormous instant pay out. Next on the list, in terms of value, are Balrog’s boxing gloves, followed by the skill necklace worn by Dhalsim, and the spiked bracelets worn by Chun Li. As stated in the top real money pokies Australia guides, this is standard for slots offering good pay out options.

The remaining symbols in the game, and the least valuable, are the standard nine, ten jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The real action in the game, however, is in the fighting mini-game.

Fighting Mini-Game

What would a Street Fighter 2 slot game be without at least some fighting? If the player manages to match the M. Bison symbol on reels two, three and four, a bonus payout will first be given, after which the mini-game will be activate.

The mini-game will use the character the player has selected, and put them up against the notoriously difficult to beat M. Bison. In order to fight, the player will spin the reels fifteen times, which will be done at no betting cost. If fighting moves are matched on the reels, the on screen character will perform them. Again, the animation quality is nothing at all to write home about, but it is a fun and intense mini-game. Should M. Bison be hit enough to be defeated, a jackpot payment is made.

Jonas Ulseth