Air HockeyBetting Online

Air Hockey is not just a fun pastime sport. Many people are surprised to hear that this is a recognised professional sport with active clubs across the world. This sport is not at all like the hockey we grew up with.

Air Hockey is a 2 player game, played on an air hockey table with a puck and 2 paddles. The table have two slots on each end which serve as the goal boxes, as well as small openings on the surface of the table through which air is pressed to reduce friction and to increase the playing speed.

Players use the paddles to hit the puck across the table, with the aim to score a goal. Bigger Air Hockey tables which can play up to 4 players do exist, but these tables cannot be used for competitive playing.

Distinguishing Competitive Play

There are a few pointers that indicate professional or competitive Air Hockey playing.

  • The paddles are gripped using your fingertips, right behind the knob. Amateur Air Hockey allows for gripping on top of the paddle. Gripping the paddle correcting improves your wrist action capabilities and will assist players in moving the paddles across the table faster.
  • Players need to maintain a defensive position on the board by making sure that the paddle is centred about 8 inches from the goal. If this position is held it makes it easier to move to the left or right side of the table with little effort, or to block any direct shots.
  • Shots are often sent off creating all kinds of patterns to throw your component off guard.

Sports Betting Options For Air Hockey

Air Hockey has not come to its full potential yet in the area of sports betting. At the moment there is a potential for growth in this area.

You can however bet on your favourite Air hockey players by either making a match bet or an outright bet using the best Australian betting apps.

Match betting is a bit safer than outright betting in the sense that you bet on the outcome of separate games in a tournament, as opposed to betting on the outcome of the tournament as a whole. With match betting you can place a bet on who will win a specific game. This betting type pays less than outright betting but the odds are much lower, so you actually have a 50/50 chance of betting on the correct player for winning a tournament. These easy odds together with a bit of knowledge on Air Hockey and the players could land you some good winnings.

Outright betting offers you a chance to bet on the outcome of a whole Air Hockey tournament. These methods let you choose a player which you favour to win the tournament, and this makes the odds quite high, seeing that quite a few players could play in any give tournament. Should it happen that the player of your choice does not play in the tournament for any reason, your bet will be voided and your stake will be refunded to you.

Jonas Ulseth