Cricket Sport for Bettors in Australia

Cricket has been one of Australia’s most loved sports for decades. The entire country pretty much comes to a standstill during the big tournaments against their main rivals such as South Africa and England. This is mainly due to the fact that cricket is a sport that everyone can get behind. It’s a team sport, and thus the comradery it exudes has a galvanising effect on the entire country. Although many other sports are also, obviously, team sports, cricket is a gentleman’s game with a long and distinguished history in Australia.

Complicated Rules Equals Many Betting Opportunities

Cricket is one of the most complicated sports on earth. To the untrained eye, it looks like an over complicated game of fetch, but for the enthusiast who follows the sport closely, it is filled with subtle nuances which create a multitude of betting opportunities. Before the game even begins there are a number of prop betting options, and once the coin is tossed the choices are almost endless.

A number of online betting sites offer a wide range of betting markets for cricket to Australian punters, ensuring that there is always something for everyone. From beginner to expert, there are so many things one can wager on that punters are almost guaranteed to never get bored.

Large Number of Leagues and Teams

Cricket is a game which is played the world over. In fact, aside from golf, it is the most widely spread sport in the world. This means that almost every country has as least one team, whether they are any good or not.  Again, this creates a large number of betting opportunities and markets which are available for the Australian punter. One can choose to place bets on the more casual leagues such as the IPL, or more serious competitions such the Cricket World Cup which involves national teams.

Cricket Betting Australia

Different Formats

Over the years’ cricket has evolved from the game which began with the British Empire into a relatively new beast. Like in options in the US Open Golf betting, a number of different formats are now available for wagering via online sites, many of which have been designed to be quicker than the original. The T20 format, for example, is played over only twenty overs, which means that game gets done in an afternoon. In terms of placing wagers, this allows punters to have a number of quick bets in a short space of time, and get the outcome relatively quickly. Even though these formats are played much faster than the original game, there are still the same number of things to wager on, they have just been condensed timewise.

Partylike Atmosphere

Cricket has developed its own culture and almost partylike atmosphere. Watching the game is fun both as a spectator at the actual stadium and via television. A number of traditions have evolved, especially in the shorter formats such as the T20 and the IPL. This all lends to the fun feeling of the game, which is transferred to the cricket betting punter when he places his bet.

Interchangeable Team Members

Cricket is one of the only sports whose team members change teams faster than most people expect. A punter’s favourite player or team can change almost overnight, which also adds to the fun element of the game. Since it is ever changing the patterns of play are changing too, making it a challenge to predict and thus place bets on.

Jonas Ulseth