Kickass Online Slot in Detail

Comic books go back all the way to 1933, when Famous Funnies, the very first comic book, was issued.  This also set the scene for the reason behind the collective name, comic books:  they were initially meant to be funny, or comical.  This standard was soon replaced by stories of all kinds, not necessarily – and in fact, rarely – comical stories.

A little known fact is that the comic book market, more specifically speciality comic book stores, of the 1970’s was the forerunner to the book store market as it is known today.  The comic book was also the birthplace of the superhero.

Kickass slot is based on comic book heroes, and features 5 reels and 25 paylines.  The game has a very retro feel to it; this ties in nicely with the classic vintage comic book superhero feel.

The game also supports special features such as the Multiplier Man Feature and the Free Spins Bonus Round.

Kickass slot can be played for free or for real money depositing using Visa card etc.

Kickass Slot Symbols

Symbols include an entire gang of superheroes, with payouts ranging from 60 to 500 credits for a combination of 5 matching symbols in a row on an active payline.

Kickass slot also features a wild symbol.  The wild symbol is designed to resemble the pop art style onomatopoeic words found in comic books, such as Bam! and Kaboom!  The wild symbol will transform into all standard symbols, in order to complete a winning combination of symbols.

The slot’s opening scene also features pop art style words in various bright colours.

Kickass slot features 3 special symbols: the Free Spins symbol, the Scatter symbol and the Multiplier Man symbol.  The wild symbol will not substitute for any of these.

Kickass Slot Symbols

Slot Bets

Like some interesting mobile slots Canada, the game can be played in manual or in Autoplay mode. Bets range from 1 credit to 5 credits per active payline.  The game’s paylines are not fixed.

Kickass Slot Multiplier Man Feature

According to the game, Multiplier Man has come to save the mobile pokies world from low wins.

Landing the Multiplier Man symbol pre-sets a standing X2 multiplier applied to the next 5 rounds.  If an additional Multiplier Man symbol is landed, whilst the X2 multiplier is still in action on the reels, the multiplier will increase to X3. The maximum multiplier applied in this manner is X5.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Free Spins Bonus Round is activated by landing 3 or more of the Free Spins special symbols on any active payline.  3 Free Spins symbols will activate 5 free spins, 4 will trigger 10, and 5 Free Spins symbols will activate 15 free spins.

Additional free spins cannot be activated from a Free Spins Bonus Round already in progress.

There is however another symbol making a guest appearance exclusively during the Free Spins Bonus Round – the Scatter Symbol.  Landing 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels will activate the Bonus Round.  Multipliers of up to 90 times the total bet can be won during the Kickass slot Bonus Game.

Jonas Ulseth